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Fabulous- and just as advertised.

I ordered six candles in one order-- some for myself, some for my kids, and some as gifts. The candles were expensive but arrived very quickly and the scents were exactly as intriguing as promised. I especially liked the description that came with each candle about WHY the scent had been chosen, and the option to scan the barcode that came with each candle to read a digital copy of the book. Highly recommend.

wonderful gifts

my niece loves Russian novels--this will "brighten" up her day!

Love everything about this candle!

Not only is the scent of this candle very nice (not too overstated or cloying, but fills the room with a nice fragrance), but the jar is amazing. I keep mine up high above my computer desk, on top of the cabinet. As the flame has reduced the size of the candle, it gives the Martian craft and sky behind it an eerie lighting effect.

wonderful gifts

this will be the perfect gift for my niece


Bought this candle as a gift for my niece who loves Little Women. She will be surprised and happy


So excited about my order!! It smells great :)


Sweet and sultry is right. Jay and Daisy come alive with sound of Jazz when this candle is burning.


Who could ask for anything more magical than Bergamot, lavender, caramelized sugar and vanilla. What a sweet escape.

Super idea!

Love, love, love these candles. The whole concept is wonderful. The service is superb as well.

Frankenstein candle

I love it!

Great scent and the cutest packaging!

This candle smells so good. The packaging around it is so cute as well. I can't wait to give this gift!

Love this candle!

This candle smells so good and I gave it to a friend of mine and she loved it! Great gift idea for a housewarming party!

Leopold & Molly would approve

Very attractive and scenty candle, perfect for cuddling up to with Cyclops or Sirens or even Telemachus. Perfect for lovers of this greatest of great works.

Gift for friend

She loved it!

Great product!

Autumn Dream

The October Foggy Night scent is the best!! It makes you feel like you’re sitting by the fire on a crisp autumn evening. This candle is my favorite!!


The blueberry one smells amazing...

Smells amazing!

I'm surprised this doesn't have any kind of pumpkin scent but I really do feel like I'm in the Tremaine manor.


I’m so happy I found these candles!! The most perfect gift !!

Tom Sawyer - Scented Book Candle

Smells great! Love it!

The perfect gift

The perfect gift and they smell so much better than expected!!


Nice gift, my mama loved it :)

Love it! Great for a Mother’s Day gift!

Beautiful homage to a Pulitzer Prize winner

The scent of the candle, with its top notes of cherry blossom, and the book jacket artwork, are spot-on for a lovely nod to Margaret Mitchell, who was one of the very few early female recipients of the Pulitzer. Kudos, Noble Objects!