Voltaire - Scented Book Candle

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Based on Candide, a satirical novel published in 1759, and the best-known work by Voltaire features the Panglossian Wisdom scent.

It is captivating and sophisticated, beginning with hints of orange, grapefruit, and an infusion of sage that enhance the natural earthy quality. Lavender adds a soft floral and herbal touch to the heart of this fragrance, while oakmoss, amber, and tonka round out the base for a beautiful, deep character.

Voltaire wrote Candide in three days, and many generations since then have found that its laughter does not grow old. 

As expected by Voltaire, Candide has enjoyed both great success and a great scandal. Immediately after its secretive publication, the book was widely banned. However, the novel has since inspired many later authors and artists to mimic and adapt it.

We, at Noble Objects, are more of Panglos’s type repeating his Mantra ”all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds” and hoping that this fairytale will one day become a reality.

Available in Panglossian Wisdom scent and the Original Library scent.

Panglossian Wisdom:
- Top note: Sage, Orange, Grapefruit
- Heart: Lavender
- Base: Oakmoss, Amber, Tonka Bean

The Original Library:
- Top note: Teakwood
- Heart: Cedar, Leather
- Base: Sandalwood, Dark Musk, Patchouli

100% Premium Soy Wax and Natural Oils
12.5 oz
Woven cotton Wick
Hand-poured in Santa Monica, CA

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    Voltaire - Scented Book Candle